Beyond Tack Ground Tie System For Horses

Equine Ground Tie System For Trail Riders, Campers & Packers

Equine ground ties are fast, easy to use, safe for your horse and reasonably priced in comparison to other available methods.  Within minutes your horse is secure!  The construction and materials used are for the safety and comfort of the horse.Beyond Tack Ground Tie System Proudly Made In The USA

Custom machined steel stakes have minimal protrusion above the ground reducing tripping and injury.  The base and top plates allow for 360 degree free movement.  The hardware is chosen to prevent corrosion and promote strength and durability.  The lead is PVC tubing which is resistant to binding around the hoof area and white in color for easy visibility.  Only the BEST materials are used.

Beyond Tack has been serving the Equine community for over 5 years.

Beyond Tack Ground Tie System
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