Beyond Tack Ground Tie System For Horses
Equine Ground Tie System For Trail Riders, Campers & Packers

Beyond Tack Ground Tie Installation, Removal and Features - Click here to view our video instructions


Beyond Tack Ground Tie InstallationSelect an area that is free from potential hazards.  Rocks, prominent tree roots, noxious weeds are just some of the hazards to avoid.   This system will allow your horse a minimum of a 20 foot diameter circle to graze, lie down and roll.  Choose an area that will not encroach on other horses, allowing for not only the full diameter of the lead but for the length of your horse and possible kicking range as well.Beyond Tack Secure Horse Installation

The stake is driven into the ground using a hammer.  I use a 4 lb Stanley sledge hammer.  Drive the stake until the base plate is flush with the ground.  This feature of the design is specific to the safety of the horse.  The bull snap is used at the stake and easiest to attach prior to contact with the ground.  Clip the other snap onto the halter, neck collar or hobble, (not included).  DO NOT USE THE HALTER SNAP AT THE STAKE AS THIS CAN BREAK IF THE HORSE STEPS DIRECTLY ON IT! The entire installation and securing your horse takes approximately one minute!! 

‘First Timers’ – Always observe your horse when introducing the ground tying system.  Most horses will adapt very quickly.  Prior to securing the lead, we recommend draping the lead around the horse's body and between the legs to desensitize your horse. Attaching the lead to your horse's halter and allowing him to drag it around his pasture or stall prior to staking may also be helpful to familiarize your horse with the lead. Clip your horse onto the lead at full extension and hand-walk the perimeter with him.  The horse will begin to calmly learn and recognize his range of movement.  A calm and quiet environment is recommended. We have also found that a good time to start your horse on the system is after a good ride when your horse is looking forward to rest, food and water. We have seen horses struggle or pull back when the lead is around the pastern area. With practice your horse will become accustomed to this feel and learn to easily free up the lead. For new horses we recommend protecting this area with shipping boots, vet wrap or quilted wrap. THE SYSTEM IS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR HORSES THAT PULL BACK.


Beyond Tack Equine Ground Tie RemovalWe recommend tapping the head of the stake gently to loosen the grip of the soil while pulling up and shaking the head.  The lead will easily pull up from the ground.  Again, only seconds to remove and break camp!



First, this system is made in the USA.  The stake is machined in such a way to ensure the swivel action will not fail after repeated use.  Broken welds are common on other designs.

The base plate prevents the stake from being driven too deep into the ground.  Other designs depend on leaving the stake too high off the ground that could result in injury to your horse.  The top cap is ½ inch steel, the base plate is ¼ inch and the swivel is ¼ inch.


The snaps are brass and bronze to prevent corrosion.  The tubing is the finest available.  It will not bind around the horses hoof as other material can.  In fact, in my opinion, this tubing is the most critical part of the entire system.  If I did not find this tubing after much trial and error, I would not, in good conscience, be marketing this product.  The lead is designed so that the weakest point is the snap used to clip to the halter.  If a horse is truly panicked or in trouble this could be pulled open with the strength of the horse. 

NEVER modify any part of this system.

If you feel you need either a longer or shorter length, purchase another lead length.  In fact, some people carry different lead lengths due to unknown conditions and space availability at campsites.  This is common in some of our locations due to large numbers of participants. (We are in Tevis Country)!


This system is an option, just as the highline, corral fencing and/or electric ribbon.  We all must be prepared for unexpected situations.
Beyond Tack Ground Tie System
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