Beyond Tack Ground Tie System For Horses
Equine Ground Tie System For Trail Riders, Campers & Packers

DISCLAIMER:  Most horses will adapt and enjoy the free range of motion.  However, as horse owners know, a horse can get themselves into trouble even in the best and safest environments.  This is a restraint system and even with sufficient training  and supervision may expose your horse to risk of entanglement or injury.  The standard design utilizes a weaker clip at the horse that can break in an emergency.  Following the instructions on how to use the system and how to introduce your horse to the system is highly recommended.  Additional hints and advice can be found on many internet websites. 

This product is to be used at your own risk.  Do not alter or modify the stake or lead.  Purchasers are responsible for the selection of proper products and must rely on their own skill or judgment that such items are suitable for application. You can expect years of service from the lead, however prolonged unnecessary sun exposure when not in use will shorten the service life.

NEVER modify any part of the system. Contact us if you feel you need either a longer or shorter length. Some riders carry different lead lengths due to unknown conditions and space availability at campsites.

WARRANTY - Two year warranty on the stake from date of purchase. We will replace or repair broken or nonfunctioning parts. Lead has one year warranty. Hardware is not under warranty. Coverage starts from date of purchase.

Beyond Tack Ground Tie System
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